Our Top 5: Acai bowl

Ailana's acai bowl at Ailana Shave Ice

1cf4dc1By Ritsuko Kukonu

Am I the first Japanese writer to write an article for Frolic Hawaii in Japanese? When Frolic asked me to write in Japanese, I was like, “What? In Japanese for Frolic? Are you for real?” My husband and I own and manage a popular Hawaii information website POOHKOHAWAII.COM for the Japanese market (it started from a blog a decade ago). Our followers check out all kinds of restaurant/dining info on our site before visiting Hawaii.

The first thing that came to my mind when choosing a Top 5 list was acai bowl. It’s what Japanese tourists always want to try when they come to Hawaii, since a lot of guide books feature them. There are some places in Japan that serve acai bowls, but Japanese tourists want to eat real acai bowls in Hawaii, even though the acai bowl actually originated in Brazil. It’s been a big hit here, and now it’s one of the staple breakfast items at many restaurants. When considering which acai bowls to choose, I considered the quality of ingredients and the flavor of the acai.

Here are my five favorites. It was so hard to rank them!

No. 5: Ailana Shave Ice

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Ailana’s acai bowl stands out from others because of its toppings. Along with standards such as blueberries and strawberries, Ailana’s acai bowl includes almonds, avocado and mochi balls (matcha and cinnamon flavors). The price for this portion, $7.25 for a small, is also pretty reasonable.

Ailana Shave Ice
1430 Kona St.



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今回ゲストライターとしてトップ5を選ぶに当って、最初に思いついたのは「アサイボウル」でした。アサイボウルは、日本人観光客がハワイに来ると必ずと言っていいほど食べたがる食べ物。現在では日本にもありますが、やはり本場ハワイで食べたいと言うのが彼らの本音。アサイボウルの発祥地はブラジル。しかしハワイで大人気となり、今ではレストランの朝食メニューには欠かせません。私が今までアサイボウルを食べて来た中で、自分が気に入ったものを5つ選びましたので、ご紹介したいと思います。それにしても、2−5位を決めるのが難しかった〜(泣)。 今回のランク付けは、アサイそのものの質と味に基づいて行いました。

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