‘Ono Buzz: 3 Foods You Must Try This Month

Don’t miss: a frozen treat, a new spot and a local sammie shop.

Frozen Treat to Try

The Meyer Lemon shave ice made from Meyer Lemon juice, $6.50.
Photos: Diane Lee


Instead of colored sugar water, a new shave ice spot in Waikīkī is topping its desserts with homemade syrups made from fresh fruits. Try Lemona Hawai‘i’s matcha (green tea) flavor, which uses Ito En’s ceremonial-grade, premium matcha powder and comes with azuki beans and freshly made condensed milk, or the papaya shave ice, which includes fresh slices of papaya.

$6.50+, 421 Lewers St., 922-9590, lemona-hi.com


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New Spot

Left: Crab cakes with truffled egg tofu. Right: Smoked duck tsukemen.
Photos: Lavonne Leong


There’s finally a tenant in the old Palomino space at Harbor Court in downtown Honolulu: Rijō, a “contemporary Japanese” restaurant that feels like a blast from the past. The high ceilings and panoramic views are the same as they always were, and the dinner menu goes for broad upper-middle-class appeal (filet mignon and ribeye, two kinds of fish and a shrimp dish) that seems almost aggressively retro. Drink prices are retro, too.

$4 and under for draft beers! 66 Queen St., 208-8180, rijorestaurant.com


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A Kailua Hero

In Kailua and hungry? Check out Timmy Tom’s, a new shop making sub-style deli sandwiches next door to Boston’s Pizza and Moke’s. The place is clearly modeled after the Mainland chain of sammie shops Jimmy John’s, with a bit of a local bent (JJ’s calls the No. 7 the “Gourmet Smoked Ham Club,” TT’s calls its No. 7 the “‘Ono Smoked Ham Club”), but, here, the meats, cheeses, giant pickles, even the takeout bags, are all furnished by Boar’s Head, which is a very good thing. Even better? Timmy Tom’s delivers in the Kailua area, with a one-sandwich minimum.

Sandwiches: $5.29 to $10.29, 31 Ho‘olai St., 263-3333, timmytoms.org


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