‘Ono Buzz: 2 Dishes You Must Try This Month

Two things you should be eating this month.




Hot Dog!

Waimānalo just got a little taste of Hollywood, with the opening of Pink’s Hot Dogs at Sea Life Park. The dogs are expensive—$5.99 for a plain dog, and up to $14.99 for one with all the fixins—but sometimes there’s nothing that hits the spot like a 9-inch chili dog smothered in bacon, chili, cheese, tomatoes and onions. No need to buy a ticket to the park to try a Pink’s dog, and parking is free for an hour.

Pink’s Hot Dogs at Sea Life Park, open 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., 41-202 Kalaniana‘ole Highway, Waimānalo, 259-2500, pinkshollywood.com


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Go Hawaiian 


After great success selling kūlolo made with a traditional family recipe, Keanuenue Kekaula decided to grow Pomai Kūlolo, his roadside sales business, with additional offerings, including haupia and his own original creation, haulolo—a combination of haupia and kūlolo. Coconut milk, sugar and fresh local taro come together with just a hint of sweetness. The treat is roughly three-fourths haupia and one-fourth kūlolo, making it kind of like haupia pie with a kūlolo crust. If kūlolo isn’t your thing, we like Kekaula’s regular haupia, which has just the right amount of firmness and isn’t over-the-top sweet. Pomai Kūlolo’s website indicates that it’s in the process of setting up supermarket distribution, but, for now, the desserts are available only at farmers markets.

Find Pomai Kūlolo’s farmers market schedule online at pomaikulolo.com