Omakase Challenge: Sushi ii

A couple of months ago, Lena Morris, Melissa Chang and I were having dinner at Rinka and we ran into Chef Garrett Wong of Sushi ii. He piqued our interests with the impressive list of seasonal and imported Japanese fish now on his menu and invited us to experience the greater selection. Garrett also mentioned his omakase, which ranged from 20 to 40 pieces of sushi, but added, “No one has ever eaten 40 pieces.” We told Ed Morita about Garrett’s statement and his reply was, “challenge accepted!”

This past Saturday, Lena, Melissa, Ed, my friend Joyce and I tried Garrett’s omakase. (Lena’s husband, Sean, just had miso soup.) The omakase price ranges from about $80 to $150 per person, depending on what you eat and how many pieces. Since people in our group gave up at different points, everyone except me and Ed paid different amounts — so if you are in a group, make sure you keep track of what you eat. Here is what we had:

Sushi ii Omakase Challenge

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Located off of Keeaumoku Street in the Samsung Plaza, Sushi ii is a hidden gem in the Honolulu dining scene. Those who have experienced Chef Garrett’s sushi before find themselves coming back for more. —Photo by Grant Shindo

Here are highlights from our evening, in video: