Noodle Tuesday: 5 Favorite Cold Noodles in Honolulu

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Clockwise from top left: Bean noodle at Ireh, salad udon at Jimbo, bibim naengmyeon at Budnamujip, chicken cold noodle at Goma Tei

Slurp your way to cool relief at some of our favorite noodle houses:

Bean noodle at Ireh: Fresh, cold soy milk—made in house with ground soybeans and peanuts—bathe the noodles at this hidden Korean spot.
$10.95, 911 Keeaumoku St., 943-6000,

Hana chirashi soba at Inaba: Uni and ikura, tamago and tororo (grated mountain yam), all over the best soba noodles in town, make for a playground of textures.  
$23.99 (dinner only), 1610 S. King St., 953-2070,

Salad udon at Jimbo: This is the ultimate salad udon of Hawaii. Skinny udon noodles are loaded with cucumber, cherry tomatoes, nori, corn, wakame, bell peppers and lettuce greens. Dig deep to find the fish-based sesame oil sauce hiding at the bottom. 
$12.90, 1936 S. King St. #103, 947-2211

Bibim naengmyeon at Budnamujip: These chewy noodles are simultaneously cool and fiery with chile heat. Crisp slices of sweet Asian pear and the accompanying bowl of cold, ginger-scented beef broth help soothe the spice.
$16.95, 871 Kapiolani Blvd., 593-8822

Chicken cold noodle at Goma Tei: Chinese cold ginger chicken meets Japanese noodles: Tender slices of chicken cooked with sake, scallions and ginger chewy are fanned over thin udon and crunchy cucumber. Add the shoyu dipping sauce (made with sesame paste, vinegar and chili oil) for a mighty refreshing bite.
$9.99, 1200 Ala Moana Blvd., 591-9188