Nonstop gift picks: Local, personal, quirky

Holiday gifts? This year we’re going local, and we’re making it personal. Mari Taketa and Diane Seo put their heads together to come up with high-like gifts that support local small businesses and in some cases are custom-made for recipients. And if you notice a singular theme running through some of Mari’s gifts, please indulge her. She has a new-found obsession this year.

Mari’s picks

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Tiny piggies strut down the handle of this custom-decorated serving spoon made by local crafter Jan Nagano. I put in my order, told her what theme I wanted, and voila! Pearls, swine — interpret that however you want. This is going to a very special cook.

$35-$45 for pastry and pie servers decorated with beach glass, faux jewels and pearls. Order in comments at