Night Market: Your Instagrams

Wow! Instagrammers of Honolulu showed their collective might last night, posting 460 Instagrams from Honolulu Night Market, using the hashtag #ourkakaako.

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Instagram contest, where we tasked photogs to post snaps in eight categories (something red, something savory to eat, something sweet to eat or drink, something blingy, something related to music, something related to art, something related to fashion, photo of you at Night Market).

We randomly picked a name from those who met all the rules, and our winner is …. Charles Akimoto (akimotoR001), who got himself a $200 gift card from The Whole Ox. Congrats!

Lots of great photos were shot last night. See the full stream here.

Here are some of our favorites:


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Looky @chuggy_bear I got me a hu tieu from @pigandthelady! #hnlnightmarket #ourkakaako @ourkakaako @nonstophonolulu