Night Lights: Weekend Wrapup Sept. 3-5

So my weekend started with a scientific explanation, courtesy of Ed Morita’s blog, of why my sleep schedule is still opposite of everyone else’s, even though it’s been a few years since I last worked the night shift for a full five days a week. Still, my relationship with my pillow does suffer on the weekend, and this weekend was no exception, but for good reason.

First Friday was pretty epic, with a larger-than-usual crowd out for the earlier art walk. I hit up the shiny new Fighting Eel store, the streets, and The ARTS at Marks Garage, where I found Mark Tarone and his people modeling some exotic fashions to advertise for the upcoming Hallowbaloo street festival. Talk about epic… a concert at The Waterfront with LA indie-folk band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros on Oct. 29, followed by an enormous street festival the next day with the Budos Band (an indie Afro-soul band from the same label as Sharon Jones), LA psychedelic rock legends Dengue Fever, and local acts like Kings of Spade, Painted Highways, Soul Revival Sound System, the Hollow Spheres, Falcon Lord, Shopping List, and DJs Logic, Eskae, Mr. Nick and Kitty Lee… wow. Can’t wait!
Anyway, here’s my gallery:


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Later on in the night, the larger-than-usual crowd got huge, Hotel Street filled up, and I traded places with our brand-new but very good photographer, Ryan Matsumoto, who shot the late-night club pics at The Venue, Indigo and Bar 35. Thanks, Ryan!


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September’s First Friday was busy, and so were we! See our pics from The Venue, Indigo, Bar 35, The ARTS at Marks Garage and various other spots around town. — Photo by Ryan Matsumoto

…Approximately five hours of sleep later, I was up on Saturday for a quick breakfast… I mean dinner, and then heading off to the Acid Dolls Urban Revolution fashion show in Waikiki. Now run by Cindy King, with help from her sister Wendy, the chic fashion boutique at the Royal Hawaiian Center did it up right, taking over the terrace opposite Level 4 for a VIP lounge complete with a live classical ensemble, food, drinks and an enormous runway. (Psst, they’re planning something fabulous to celebrate the first anniversary of their store, so keep an eye out for it!)


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Also, take a look at John Garcia’s video from the show, including an exclusive interview with Cindy King about the collections featured.

Then it was off to Chinatown, for some other obligations… somewhere around the end of the night, I ended up by BambuTwo, where a band of ninjas were battling it out with some zombies in front of the lounge. WTF? Well, I’m just going to have to leave that one a mystery for now, but (hint) there may be an upcoming show or street display involved.

…Another four or five hours of sleep later, it was Sunday, and ZOMG, pool party! I showed up to the Marriott in Waikiki for the second-ever pool party hosted by Bacardi, Super CW, Contrast Magazine and the Nocturnal Sound Krew, and EVERYBODY was there. Most of the Chinatown hipsters, Cameron Peppers from, who’d apparently gotten even less sleep than me, DJs from all over the state, local models, musicians and artists, Waikiki beach bums and representatives from half the bars and clubs in town, including Apartment3, Oceans, Manifest and NextDoor. The energy was pretty incredible, with skin everywhere, half the people dancing outside of the pool, and the other half dancing in the pool and launching those giant Bacardi beach balls all over the place.


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Yes, I did jump in the pool after I was done shooting. The after-party was at Apartment3, but I split with the indie kids and ended up at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers on Beretania, where a big, juicy teri burger really hit the spot :-)

And now, I finally get to sleep.

The Weekend Wrapup, a rundown of the parties, concerts and other nightlife stuff we covered over Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday, will be a weekly Monday morning feature of this blog, so don’t forget to look for it!

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