New Pomegranate Collection from Salty Girl Jewelry

Pick these fresh, crimson jewels on sterling-silver chains.


Getting our daily serving of fruit? Piece of cake. After all, an apple a day keeps the doctor away (not to mention bananas do the same for hangovers). Wedged, sliced or diced, we love that taste of sweet and tart—especially when it's in our jewelry boxes.

That’s why we’re totally bowled over by these rich, scarlet gems from the new Salty Girl Jewelry collection. Inspired by the luscious look of deep-red pomegranate seeds, designer Amber Chesebro uses red powder coating to give sleek, sterling-silver "seeds" a delicious crimson sheen.

Take a bite out of the new line with sophisticated, minimal charm necklaces, rings and stud earrings, which come in classic silver or burgundy. Or pick out a statement option, such as dangling earrings with pearl details and a red gem accent, or a charm-and-pearl necklace variation. Yum.

To check out more fruits of Chesebro’s labor, check out the HONOLULU Fashion Week Pop-Up Boutique next Friday through Sunday. She’ll have silver jewelry pieces from previous collections for sale, as well items from this new line that look good enough to eat.

We call that a sweet deal.

The HONOLULU Fashion Week Pop-Up Boutique will be open Nov. 7–9 at the Hawai‘i Convention Center. The entire pomegranate collection will be available the second week in November at