New lemonade lineup at Jamba Juice Hawaii


lemon-heads-boothIf you’ve ever had the childhood dream of setting up a lemonade stand and selling a refreshing glass of lemony goodness, then you’ll appreciate all the hard work behind Jamba Juice Hawaii’s newest drinks that are only available in Hawaii! From the creative minds of some of Hawaii’s own youth entrepreneurs to the menu at your nearest local Jamba Juice, you can give the all-new Lemonade Alley Lineup a taste.

Lemonade Alley, founded in 2012 by the BizGym Foundation, features a fun “kidpreneur” challenge where teams of students from grades K-12 can create recipes, build lemonade stands, and sell their lemonade to support a charity of their choosing. The program gives children the opportunity to discover and develop skills like teamwork, creativity, planning and achieving goals, and becoming community-minded, and Jamba Juice Hawaii is excited for the opportunity to give back and recognize the kidpreneurs.

jjc-lemonade_concept-easy-peazy_fThe all-new lineup of lemonade themed flavors are a delicious result of this year’s Lemonade Alley challenge’s winners:

Mahalo Mint Lemonade: Refreshing mint lemonade smoothie blended with mint and nonfat frozen yogurt (Recipe by August Ahrens’ K-4 grade team, The Three Lemon Twisters)
Lemonberry Float: Frozen Lemonade blended with strawberries topped with a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt (Recipe by August Ahrens’ 5-8 grade team, Lemon Heads)
Lemon Cherry Chiller: Refreshingly sweet and tangy lemonade blended with cherries poured over ice (Recipe by Maryknoll’s 9-12 grade team, Legenade of the Pacific)

Want to be a winner, too? Enter to win a year’s worth of Jamba Juice by signing up for the Frolic Hawaii and Jamba Juice Hawaii newsletter below. A winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, October 19, 2016 at 4 p.m. The lucky winner will be notified via email.