New in Chinatown: Barrio Vintage

Amber Mortensen and Bradley Rhea met through mutual friends and built a friendship based on fashion. The duo are originally from Tucson, Arizona, where they collaborated on vintage fare for Buffalo Exchange, a local consignment store.

Bradley moved out to Hawaii several months ago and brought a bit of that Buffalo Exchange excitement with him. He convinced Amber to come help him with a new pop shop out of his home. The store, Barrio Vintage, will make its debut at tonight’s First Friday in Chinatown. They’ll be serving champagne cocktails and giving free styling consultation, normally provided by appointment only.

Both stylists have been featured in various magazines for their collaborative fashions. I was able to catch up with Amber at Barrio Vintage to take a sneak peek of the racks of vintage treasure. Here’s what she had to say about how she got started, why she loves fashion and what to expect at Friday’s opening:

Thanks to Joant Ubeda for help with the video


Barrio Vintage
Chinatown Artists Lofts
1109 E. Maunakea St. #208
Amber’s Blog: