New eats: Yakitori Glad

Cluck, yeah! Ten eaters help me power through most of the dishes on a chicken-centric menu.

Yakitori Glad

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When I saw this place, I almost canceled this review.

I’d jumped too fast. Giddy at the discovery that an Osaka-based chain of 13 yakitori restaurants was opening its first overseas location on Kapahulu on Jan. 22, I waited a full half-day before throwing it out there as Nonstop’s latest open-invite review. Now I had 10 people coming to eat … here?

Get a grip, Mar. You see the sign in the window? $3.90 per menu item, and that includes food and drink. Yakitori is the essence of cheap eats. Grilled chicken on sticks, served with huge bottles of ripping sake, yakitori is street food you grab on your way home, at humble counters or streetside carts even, places where there’s nothing between you and the cold winter air except fresh-grilled chicken and alcohol warming your belly.

Humble is IT. The review is on.

Yakitori Glad
766 Kapahulu Ave.