New eats: Rinka

Jiro dreams of sushi; I dream of succulent slices of sashimi, ribbons of pork in shabu shabu, and the satisfying pop of ikura over sushi rice.

On March 1, a new Japanese restaurant opened in the Ala Moana neighborhood behind Heald College on Makaloa Street. Entering the sliding wooden door, a gentle wind chime welcomes you to Rinka. The menu is expansive and showcases fresh sashimi, sushi, shabu shabu, hot pot and impressive daily specials. The ambiance and feel of Rinka is reminiscent of Japan. The service is warm and inviting; the sushi bar is well stocked; and the hum of quiet conversations fill the beautiful, clean space. Also, most of the diners are Japanese nationals, which is definitely a good sign.

New eats: Rinka

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Combination Sushi Deluxe (10 pieces, $31.75). The ikura was some of the best I’ve ever had, with amazing clarity and texture on each piece of roe.

1500 Kapiolani Blvd.