New eats: Kan Zaman


A new Moroccan and Lebanese restaurant has opened its doors on Nu’uanu Avenue in Chinatown. Owners Kamal Jemmari, formerly of Shogunai Tajine and Youseef Dakroub of Xtreme Tacos, have renovated a small restaurant space to pop with energetic saffron and tangerine accented by royal blue lanterns. Beautiful pieces of artwork line the walls, giving the space a very inviting and authentic feel to the diner.

The bold spices in each dish really hit the spot for both lunch and dinner. The menu encompasses a nice range of flavors and influence from both owners backgrounds. During opening week, I found myself dining at Kan Zaman four days in a row. One dish stood out in particular and kept me coming back for more.

New eats: Kan Zaman

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Located on the ewa side of Nu’uanu Avenue, Kan Zaman is nestled next door to Tea at 1024. Park on the street or in a municipal lot near the restaurant.

Kan Zaman
1028 Nuuanu Ave.