New eats: Crodough Hawaii

The croissant doughnut hybrid, made famous by Dominique Ansel in New York, has appeared in several Hawaii bakeries and food trucks. This food fad doesn’t show any signs of fading, as bakers continue to try and perfect their recipes to produce buttery, flaky layers of a croissant in the shape of a doughnut. Some versions have included jellies and creams in a wide variety of flavors.

The newest addition to the Hawaii scene is Crodough Hawaii, a tasty venture started by Leslie Goo and OJ Ui. Last weekend, they parked in Kaka’ako and were instantly greeted by over a dozen eager foodies. Crodough Hawaii does not yet have regular hours, but follow them on Instagram or Twitter (@CroDoughHawaii) for their location, hours and updates.

Crodough Hawaii

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Crodough Hawaii was parked on the makai side of Ala Moana Boulevard at Cooke St. in front of Cutter Chevrolet. By 9:30 a.m, the line had grown to more than a dozen hungry customers looking to sample this new treat.