Need a New Set of Wheels? Don’t Limit Yourself to Local Stock

(Sponsored) Your dream car could be waiting for you, and it might not be on island. Thankfully, it turns out that shipping one from the Mainland is easier than you think.


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In the market for a car? Whether you’re looking for a reliable ride or prefer something fast and flashy, Hawai‘i’s limited options can make it difficult to find one that checks all of your boxes. Your dream car could be waiting for you—all you’ve got to do is find it. Expand your search to include the Mainland and you’ll find many more options that fit the bill, and, while shipping a new car home might seem like a hassle, it’s not as complicated as it sounds: Go with SGT Auto Transport, a national brand based in South Carolina, and you’ll get your new set of wheels shipped to Honolulu conveniently and at a reasonable cost.


First, Find Your Dream Car

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If you limit yourself to shopping locally, you might have to compromise and buy a car that doesn’t meet your parameters. Spread your search much farther and you’ll have thousands of vehicles to choose from. Do a search online through websites such as Autotrader and CarsDirect, for example, and you’ll see plenty more options that catch your eye. You might even find that rare Ford Mustang you’ve been dreaming of owning since you were a little kid.


Once you’ve found your dream car, arrange for a test drive. This is something you can do without ever leaving the island, thanks to companies such as WeGoLook, which offer on-demand auto inspections and will be able to check how well the car has been maintained for you and put your mind at rest.


Getting Your Car Delivered

Getting your dream car home is easy. Take advantage of a company that ships to Hawai‘i, such as SGT Auto Transport, and you can ship a car across the country hassle free—no matter if it was bought in San Francisco, Montana, New York or Philadelphia. You can arrange for your new vehicle to be picked up from anywhere and delivered to Honolulu for you to pick up.


“What If I’m Moving to Hawai‘i?”

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The same applies if you’re moving to Hawai‘i: Simply arrange to have your car collected from your home on the Mainland. SGT Auto Transport will take care of the rest, and it will be ready and waiting for you to collect at the port of Honolulu.


How Long will It Take?

Shipping time depends largely on where your car is located—the Mainland is a big place, after all! If your car is located on the West Coast, it will take between one and three weeks for it to cross the ocean to Honolulu. If your car is farther east, it can take an additional couple of days to a week or more, depending on location.


Tips for Buying a Car Locally in Honolulu

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Still prefer to buy in Honolulu? If you want to buy a used car, you need to do your research. Here are some tips to help you make an informed choice:

  • If you’re buying from a used car business or a lot, make sure the lot is licensed and that the person you’re dealing with is a licensed motor vehicle salesperson.
  • If you’re buying from an individual, get as much information as you can, and be wary if the vehicles are for sale by the roadside, in vacant lots or at shopping centers.
  • Ask the owner whether there are any maintenance schedules you can see.
  • Make sure you take the car for a test drive.


Ultimately, where you choose to buy your next car from depends on your preferences. But whether you decide to shop around locally or have your car shipped from across the sea, knowing your options are more varied than you think brings you just that much closer to finding your ultimate ride.