Made in Hawaii gifts for foodies

If you’re in a mad rush to finish your holiday shopping and need some gift ideas, the Nonstop Honolulu crew is here to help. Our theme this year: Gifts for foodies that are made, prepared or manufactured here in the islands. It’s a good way to support the local economy and choose unique, fun gifts for your friends and family. After all, who doesn’t love to eat?



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Kaya is a creamy Southeast Asian spread made of eggs, butter, milk, coconut and pandan. Its unique coconutty taste and custardy texture make it the ultimate breakfast treat on toast, best with a cup of strong coffee or tea. You’d think with such a large Southeast Asian population in Hawaii, someone would sell it so we wouldn’t be left begging our traveling friends to bring some home.

Well now, Andrew Le of The Pig & The Lady is doing just that, popping up at Wednesday’s Blaisdell farmers’ market, selling this creamy goodness in a jar for $5. Le says it lasts up to a month in the fridge and a year in the freezer, although it’s doubtful you’ll let a jar sit around that long.

— Melissa Chang


Earlier today, Melissa Chang appeared on KITV to talk about some of the products featured in our gift gallery. Here’s the segment: