Alice Inoue’s Happiness U Helps People Find Answers

The longtime happiness facilitator helps with life’s challenges.

Business has long been bustling for Alice Inoue, chief happiness officer at Happiness U, but it’s her corporate well-being training that has really ramped up in the past few years. With employers more aware and supportive of employees’ mental and emotional well-being, Inoue says she now spends about 75% of her time working with a more diverse group of companies and organizations than ever, through one-on-one and group life guidance sessions, both virtually and in person.


Alice Inouye

Photo: Courtesy of Alice Inoue/Dave Miyamoto


But whether she’s working on an individual or corporate level, the content of the training has changed quite a bit over the course of the pandemic. Before, she taught general ways to navigate challenges; now her training is more specific. It focuses on the mindset of navigating change, burnout and how to reverse it, time stress and how to create space, what self-care really is (hint: It’s not just spa treatments and green smoothies) and work-life integration. And more. The purpose of all of that is evident in Happiness U’s mission: to help people find answers to life’s challenges in order to experience more peace, joy, freedom and love.


Inoue points out that research has shown that happiness is, in fact, a skill that can be learned and therefore, requires practice. Her tips include:

• Consistently look for the upsides when things don’t go according to plan.

• Be open to new perspectives and opinions.

• Let go of judgments.

• Tame your ego.

• Accept that life has two sides to it.

• See the benefits you’ve gained in any situation that you are struggling with.

• And, the key, have appreciation and gratitude for what is going well.

For Inoue, happiness is about feeling good, balanced, purposeful and having trust in the process. How does this award-winning author on self-growth and happiness stay happy? By practicing daily, of course.



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