Late-Night Yakiniku: Sikdorak

Late Night Yakiniku: Sikdorak

Photos: Martha CHeng

When Neil Nakasone of Home Bar and Grill recommends a place, I go. His past tips included Akasaka and Mitch’s, and when I called him up recently for the Chefs Recommend article, his latest suggestion was Sikdorak. I admit, part of the appeal of this place, especially for those in the restaurant industry, is the 24-hour all-you-can-eat yakiniku. (Although technically, while Sikdorak is open 24 hours, the yakiniku is "only" available 11 a.m. to 4 a.m.) That alone makes Sikdorak a chef’s restaurant.

Sikdorak is the place to sate a carnivorous appetite for just $20. Meats include: brisket, pork belly, beef tongue and unseasoned short rib. These are frozen and sliced thin, shabu-shabu-style, and arrive in a voluminous pile, like a Cheesecake Factory salad. Except, instead of leaves of lettuce, you have leaves of meat. The marinated meats include seasoned short rib, bulgolgi and spicy pork. And then there’s a ribeye, an entire, whole steak that arrives on its own plate. Everyone has their favorites; mine are the brisket, beef tongue, seasoned short rib and spicy pork.

Put in your order and they bring out the platters. But be aware that for the first round, they pile on the meat as if it will be your only round. So budget stomach space accordingly; they charge for leftover meat.

Since it’s all you can eat, you probably don’t want to order anything else, but in case you want to balance out the meat-fest, the kimchi pancake is excellent.

Another reason to love Sikdorak? It’s BYOB (at least until midnight).

Sikdorak, 655 Keeaumoku St, 949-2890