HONOLULU Magazine - June 2008

Insider's Guide to Waikiki

We'll take you to some of Waikiki's best shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. You'll also find a video tour of historic spots and a printable parking map.

Outdoor Adventures

Desk jockeys, put down that dry cleaning and get inspired by your friends and neighbors. They make the most of Hawaii's giant backyard—and they want to show us how.


...on Randall Roth's "Politics in Hawaii," HPD officers and abstinence-only education.

From Our Files

A look back at Aloha Airlines' early years, as documented in Paradise of the Pacific, predecessor to HONOLULU Magazine.

Second Life

You won’t experience any shopping guilt with these products, all made locally with recycled materials.

CD Reviews: Hearios and KUmZ

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Wonder Dog

Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children’s furry employee, Tucker, brightens patients’ lives during difficult times.

Home Grown

Photo by Ronna BolanteOn a drizzly afternoon in Makiki, a neighborhood dense with high-rise condominiums, Nalani Boon (left) plucks a few cherry tomatoes from her small garden. The patch of green grass and soil isn’t hers, exactly. Boon just rents…