HONOLULU Magazine - February 2005

Lost and Found

This high-rise kitchen remodel uncovers a surprise — windows, with an amazing view, hidden behind the old cabinets.

Q+A Alan Yamamoto

On Feb. 13, the local music industry will be recognized with the first-ever “Best Hawaiian Music Album” category at the Grammy Awards. As president of the Hawai‘i Association of Recording Arts, Alan Yamamoto knows this is a big boost for…

Two Scoops Art

For billions of people, rice is life—and this month, as the Academy shows us, it’s also inspiration for art.

Valentine’s Chocolates

"Oh, I couldn't possibly," she says, her hand nevertheless reaching toward the proffered box. Chocolate represents all that is decadent, delicious and exotic. Even Casanova was reportedly a great fan of chocolate's erotic qualities-and that was a man who knew…