In search of BROWFECTION…



brow_pressIf eyes are windows to the soul, brows are the face’s most important accessory.

With just a few tiny tweaks—filling in sparse strands, defining the shape with a wax service, or setting a few tricky hairs in place—a woman’s natural features can be transformed. Whether perfect brows are thin like Sophia Loren’s, full and thick like Brooke Shields’, or precise and defined like Megan Fox’s, European Wax Center (EWC) will help women achieve Browfection™!

Brows are gently shaped using their exclusive Comfort Wax™ and then pampered and rejuvenated using Renew Me™ Restoring Serum from their proprietary Strut 365 product portfolio. As a finishing touch, the wax specialist perfects and defines the brows with the brow powder and brow liner from the Strut Boldly™ brow collection.

The Strut Boldly™ collection includes products that allow women to achieve Browfection™ no matter the time, place or brow. The Ready.Set. Brow! ™ Perfect Brow Groomer clear brow-setting gel is ideal for keeping stubborn hairs in place in the surf and sun. Take your summer glow from day to night by using the Browfection™ Brow Powder Duo or the Browfection™ Brow Liner and Shaper to get bold, beautiful brows.

“Natural brows only need a trim and some tidying up to look oh-so-perfect. In Hawaii, we’re spending time in the sun so our brows should look clean in the most revealing light,” says EWC’s Brand Ambassador and Brow Expert Melanie Gilliland. “With the idea of light and warm weather, the Oh My Brow!™ Brow Highlighter is ideal for picking up light in just the right places to show off gorgeous brows, and is perfect for enhancing that post-beach glow!”

In over a year of business, EWC Hawaii has provided 4,595 brow services for women and men! To help everyone achieve brows that wow, EWC offers first-time guests a complimentary brow wax. If they prefer, women can instead choose an underarm or bikini line wax or gents can have their ears or nose waxed.

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EWC has two Oahu locations: Kahala Mall and Pearl Highlands. For more information or to book a reservation call 808.737.2140 (Kahala), 808.454.2140 (Pearl Highlands) or visit

As a limited-time offer, throughout the month of September, receive an EWC tote free with a $49 purchase of services and products. This exclusive, gorgeous, and stylish gray translucent tote ($100 retail value) is perfect for anyone on the go!