If You’re Obsessed With Astrology Then You Will Love These Necklaces

There are signs every wear.
astrology jewelry
Left to right: Prickly Pear Kismet Scorpio necklace, $58, pricklypearhawaii.etsy.com. Love Me Knots Scorpio 14K gold-filled necklace, $68, lovemeknotshi.com. Kiele Taurus 14K gold-filled necklace, $48, Nordstrom, Ala Moana Center, (808) 953-6100. i.a.m Aries necklace, $110, Fighting Eel, 1133 Bethel St., (808) 738-9300. Bychari Leo diamond and 14K gold necklace, $800, bychari.com.


With moon charts, Mercury in retrograde (at least three times a year) and more horoscope websites popping up, it seems like everyone is feeling the cosmic pull these days, including jewelry designers. Astrology-inspired necklaces are having a moment and these locally designed versions, we predict, will have bright futures.


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