Ice cream patrol: Costco has new ice cream sundaes

Acai bowls are gone, but these are $1.99 and $2.49 — and yes, ice cream

When Frolic assistant editor Thomas Obungen texted me that the Costco food court now has ice cream sundaes, I practically leapt off my chair. It was like my prayers for respite from the muggy, sweltering heat had been answered.

I went to the Costco in Iwilei as soon as I could — not for groceries, water or toilet paper, but specifically to check out the new ice cream.

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Ice cream sundaes are now on the Costco food court menu

One huge update to the food court: Acai bowls and frozen yogurt are gone. I actually enjoyed the frozen yogurt/acai swirl, but I’m not complaining. The staffer who took my order told me that they started selling ice cream after the July 4th weekend. Flyers promoting the new item are at every window at the food court. 

You need to show your Costco membership card to buy anything at the food court now

A cup of soft serve for $1.99 and a sundae option for $2.49? I’m sold. Of course I get the sundae with chocolate sauce.

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Chocolate sundae, $2.49

You can’t beat a heaping cup of ice cream for $1.99, but the chocolate sauce is worth the extra 50 cents. This ice cream melts fast; the sundae’s peak caves in seconds after I take this photo. It doesn’t help that I order my snack when it’s 91 degrees out here. But as I happily shovel scoops of velvety ice cream in my mouth, three words come to mind: So. Worth. It.

July is National Ice Cream Month, but thankfully, this addition to Costco’s food court menu will be around for a while. 

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