How To Be A Better Hawai‘i Local: When Enjoying Our Ocean

Shayne Enright, Honolulu Emergency Medical Services and Ocean Safety spokesperson, shares her advice on staying safe and respectful.


Know where you are

Many ocean rescues occur where there are no lifeguard towers: along rocky shorelines or in remote areas. Make sure to note a nearby street name, landmark, or the number/letter combination emergency response locator on the yellow signs that mark beach access. And learn how to activate your phone’s GPS position to share with first responders so they can get to you quicker.


Share your knowledge

Share your knowledge with locals and visitors who appear headed into dangerous situations. When you change someone’s mind about doing something potentially risky, you can save lives.


Carry a Cell Phone

If you plan to go on a boat, kayak, stand-up paddleboard, foil board or something similar, carry a cell phone in a waterproof pouch so you can call 911.


Keep Watch

Keep a close watch on children at the beach, even in shallow waters.


Call 911

Call 911 immediately if you see someone in trouble in the ocean and stay calm when on the line with the dispatcher.


Throw a floatable object

If someone needs help, throw a floatable object to them—a body board, an inflatable or even a cooler.



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