How To Be A Better Hawai‘i Local: When Dining Out at Restaurants and Bars

Our Frolic team polled owners and managers around Honolulu for their best win-win advice.


Call in orders early. If it’s really busy and you walk in, there could be 10 to 15 tickets ahead of you and I will honestly tell my walk-ins it’s probably a 45-minute to one-hour wait. The smaller the establishment, the smaller the crew. For us it’s just three pairs of hands going as fast as we can. —Minaka Urquidi, Ethel’s Grill


Be on time or call if you are running late.


Please be patient when you dine in


If you place an order online or are picking one up for someone else, please come ready with your check or order number and know what was ordered


Make your reservation at least a week in advance


Call ahead to see if you need a reservation and if you do, make it ASAP.


It may sound harsh, but don’t overstay your welcome. Everyone is happy to get together and see one another, and restaurants are happy to host, but we are all operating at a reduced capacity and need to make up for a year and a half of losses, so we need that table back to make back a few more dollars. —Jennifer Ohara, Karai Crab



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