How Did Hawai‘i’s Public Schools Rank in 2016–2017?

We’ve ranked Hawai‘i’s public schools from the best-performing to the worst, using official state Department of Education data. How does your school measure up?
Grading the Public Schools


Grading the Public SchoolsFor more than a decade, HONOLULU Magazine has been publishing a chart that ranks Hawai‘i’s public schools from best to worst.


It’s always been based on official state Department of Education data—math and reading scores, and other performance measures—with a bit of our own number crunching to arrive at an overall score for each school.


Grading the Public SchoolsThis year, because we don’t have the space to print every performance measure that went into each school’s score, we selected the ones we thought families and taxpayers would be most interested in, including math, science and reading scores and graduation rates. The overall score for each school incorporates the complete list of measures, of course—to see a detailed, full performance report for an individual school, visit, or, if you want to dive into the DOE’s master spreadsheet of 2016–17 raw data, visit


Grading the Public SchoolsBecause raw number scores can sometimes be a little unwieldy, we’ve taken the liberty of giving each school a report-card-style letter grade, A through F, based on a curve. This isn’t an official grade handed out by the DOE, and we know it’s controversial, but we think it’s a useful shorthand when discussing how well a school is performing.


For a detailed look at how we calculated the points awarded to schools in each category, visit


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