HONOLULU’s Top 10 Stories of 2022

Excluding stories that appeared on Frolic Hawai‘i, here are our 10 most popular online stories for the year.


We get it. In Hawai‘i, we love to eat, discover new restaurants and be guided to the best places and dishes around the island. But we also love our older eateries and relish opportunities to celebrate those that have withstood the test of time (and other challenges) to keep serving up local specialties. Not including Frolic Hawai‘i stories, which are likewise eating centric, here are HONOLUU and HONOLULU Family’s most popular web stories of 2022.



Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino

Hawai‘i’s Oldest Restaurants Are Still ‘Ono After All These Years

Every town has restaurants that have become more than just spots to get a meal. They are places where regulars grow up with the owners’ families and their grandchildren meet across the counter. They serve the ultimate old-school comfort foods that are woven into our childhood.

For this November 2021 cover story from HONOLULU magazine, we featured some of those places that have been feeding us for more than 60 years. The story was embraced by our readers both in print and online, even months after it was originally posted. It’s our top HONOLULU post for 2022.




Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino

Best of HONOLULU 2022: The Best Food and Drinks on O‘ahu

This roundup, part of our Best of HONOLULU July/August 2022 magazine cover story, shared 13 of our dining team’s favorite foods and drinks, plus 36 winners and finalists voted on by readers.



2206hn Haleaina Tko 6846

Photo: Travis Okimoto

2022 Hale ‘Aina Award Winners: The Best Restaurants in Hawai‘i

This story announced the winners of our annual Hale ‘Aina Awards. Each year, readers vote for their favorite restaurants in the Islands and the HONOLULU dining team names the Restaurateur of the Year. This year, more than 8,000 votes were cast.



Halloween Pumpkins

Photo: Taylor Foss


Don’t Miss These Halloween Events on O‘ahu

After two years of pandemic lockdowns, people on O‘ahu were ready to get out on Halloween in a big way. Along with dining stories, our HONOLULU readers welcome our event stories to learn about all the fun things happening around town and beyond.



Harry Potter


“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” Plot Holes: Explained

This post from 2010—yes, 2010!—still garnered lots of views 12 years later.

There were several things that were introduced in Deathly Hallows that left moviegoers who had not read the books puzzled. For those  who have not read the books, we offered explanations to some of the plot holes.



Sxy Szechuan Whole Fish

Whole roasted fish from SXY Szechuan. Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino

44 Insanely Good Dishes in Hawai‘i

Who wouldn’t want to know about insanely good dishes? Our HONOLULU readers definitely did. For this June 2022 magazine piece, our writers selected the dishes and drinks around Honolulu and beyond that we crave.



Mōʻiliʻili Summer Fest

Photo: Mōʻiliʻili Summer Fest

O‘ahu Bon Dance Schedule

After a long COVID-19 break, in-person bon dances returned in force in 2022,  and our readers wanted to go. For this, we rounded up the bon dances taking place around O‘ahu.



Hn Sienna Lalau Web2

Sienna Lalau with The Lab dancers and in the BTS “Permission to Dance” concert. Photos: Courtesy of The Lab Studios

Meet BTS Choreographer and Dancing Queen from Waipahu, Sienna Lalau

She considers BTS the kings of pop, but after girl-talking with Lalau for more than an hour, and sharing air hugs, we learned why this hardworking, humble and hellah fun performer ranks supreme. This piece appeared in the March 2022 issue of the magazine.



Jurassic Empire

Photo: Courtesy of Jurassic Empire Hawaii

First Look: Jurassic Empire at Hawai‘i Convention Center

This online post from HONOLULU Family went viral unexpectedly. Readers were enticed to meet more than 50 fierce dinosaurs, dig for fossils, ride on a T-Rex and don virtual reality googles to immerse themselves in a prehistoric era at this two-day-only event.



Holiday City Lights25

Photo: Ron Slauson Photography, Courtesy of Honolulu City Lights

The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Happenings on O‘ahu

Our guide to holiday events was a year-end hit. Like with Halloween happenings and summer bon dances, our readers wanted to get out to celebrate Christmas in festive ways.