HONOLULU Magazine’s Social Distancing Fitness Challenge: Workout with Weights Around the House

No equipment, no problem.
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With many gyms and fitness studios closed through April, we know it’s hard to find the motivation to move. We’re here to be your workout buddies. Every week, we’re going to release a new challenge for you to try, along with tips and tricks for staying active while practicing social distancing. While we’re all doing our part to flatten the curve, here are some ideas to help flatten some of our curves, as well. Let us know how you’re doing by tagging @honolulumag and #HIStaysFitAtHome.


Though weight machines didn’t make up a huge part of my gym routine, I’m missing them now as most of my workouts these days are based on cardio and fat burning only. Time to get back to strength training for this week’s #HIStaysFitAtHome challenge!



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Tip 1: Use What You Have

Who needs weights when we’ve all recently restocked our canned goods supply? If holding one can in each hand isn’t heavy enough, put a bunch of them in a backpack or hefty tote to do arm curls or squats. Grab anything heavy that you can easily hold.

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Tip 2: Workout in the Bathroom

Machines are useful when it comes to keeping your movements steady—and so are mirrors. You may not have a floor-to-ceiling view of your body from all angles at home, but that doesn’t matter if you’re focusing on small movements. Bonus tip: If you have a medicine cabinet at a right angle from your main bathroom mirror, open it slightly for a different view of your reflection.



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Tip 3: Follow Along Online

If you’re not sure what workouts to do with your weights, take an online group exercise class. Many have adapted to using body weight only (and you can often up the difficulty of a body-weight workout simply by holding weights while you do them), but there are some classes offered through YMCA Honolulu that use chairs, weights, balls and poles. Try the Barre – Booty Fusion class in the video below, with a broomstick.



Good luck and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram with @honolulumag and #HiStaysFitAtHome!