HONOLULU Magazine Wins 13 Awards This Year

The magazine earned kudos locally and nationally for our writing and design. So, if you’re looking for some great reads, we have a few suggestions.
December HONOLULU Magazine


We love writing about Honolulu. It’s why we do what we do. When we’re rewarded for our work, we just have to say “aw, shucks.” Thank you to all the people who have let us tell your stories. Here is a chance to read (or reread) some of our now award-winning work.


Pages from the Nisei Soldier story
“soldiering on” in our december issue was turned into a multi-media section on honolulumagazine.com.


HONOLULU earned two City and Regional Magazine Association honors during its virtual conference in May. Competing against other city and regional publications across the U.S. including Chicago, Boston and Washingtonian magazines, HONOLULU’s dining editor Martha Cheng was named a finalist for her writing, while a whole team headed up by writer Jayna Omaye won best multimedia storytelling for our web series “Soldiering On: 17 Nisei Veterans Share Stories of the Lives They Built in Hawaiʻi.” Along with Jayna, photographer Aaron K. Yoshino, digital editorial specialist Katie Kenny, art director Janelle Kalawe-Ching and creative director James Nakamura put it together. (Make sure to watch the video of how we put this story together. It truly was a passion project for Jayna and Aaron, grandchildren of 442nd veterans.) 


Our contributing editor Don Wallace was recognized for his passion for local literature with the Literary Art Council’s Loretta D. Petrie Award, an award he wrote about for us when it first debuted in 2017. The honor recognizes outstanding service to Hawaiʻi’s literary community and has also gone to Bamboo Ridge founders Darrell Lum and Eric Chock. All you need to do is look at some of his recent pieces for HONOLULU including “50 Essential Hawaiʻi Books,” “The Hawaiʻi Writer’s Life” and numerous author interviews and book reviews (we all turn to him to find out what we should read next) and you’ll see why the author of four books was selected by his peers.


HONOLULU also took home nine awards at the Society of Professional Journalists Hawai‘i Chapter’s annual Excellence in Journalism Awards.


 Arts/Entertainment Writing

Second Place: “A Journey of Ethnic Proportions,” Jayna Omaye

Judge’s Comments: “A delightful behind-the-scenes look at why it’s so important to preserve the cultural differences and traditions that make Hawaiʻi such a unique place.”


Rap Reiplinger Feature
robbie dingeman’s story on rap reiplinger was designed by art director louis scheer.


Third Place: “Remembering Rap,” Robbie Dingeman 

Judge’s Comments: “Toggling back and forth between book excerpts and the sneak peek article is an interesting way to draw the readers’ attention. It gives just enough away to hook you into the full plot but leaves enough unanswered that you find yourself itching to read the whole story.”


Special Section 

Third Place: “Restaurant Guide,” HONOLULU Team

Judge’s Comments: “Beautiful images and interesting design throughout.”


Restaurant Guide in HONOLULU Magazine
Part of our March 2019 Restaurant Guide. the art director on this feature was christine labrador.


Best Multimedia Presentation

Second Place: “Soldiering On,” Jayna Omaye, Aaron K. Yoshino, Janelle Kalawe-Ching, Katie Kenny, James Nakamura



Third Place: “Remembering Rap,” Robbie Dingeman


Feature Writing/Long Form

Third Place: “Hawaiʻi’s Transgender Teens,” Cynthia Wessendorf


Pages from the story "A Writer's Life in Hawaii"
The august story on “The Hawaiʻi Writer’s Life” is one of the many pieces that earned Don Wallace an SPJ award for 2019.


Body of Work-Single Writer

Third Place: Don Wallace


HONOLULU Magazine's February 2019 issue

our february 2019 issue.


Overall Page Design

Second Place: February, May, December: James Nakamura, Christine Labrador, Janelle Kalawe-Ching, Louis Scheer and Shelley Shiroma 

Judge’s Comments: “The aesthetic approach on very down-to-earth subject matters (small homes, veterans, podcasts, Olympic surfers) is absolutely beautiful. Your team of amazing designers are showcasing the fantastic talent of HONOLULU Magazine’s photographers, writers and editors.


September 2019 HONOLULU Cover

Magazine Cover

Third Place: September, James Nakamura


Congratulations are also in order to our sister publications HAWAI‘I Magazine and Hawai‘i Business for all their hard work, as well. Our company aio Media took home a total of 21 SPJ Awards.