Home Movie Night 2.0: Consolidated Theatres on O‘ahu is Delivering Concession Food

Who doesn’t want to watch someone carry a bag of popcorn that feeds seven to your door?


Various dishes from Consolidated Theatres

Some of the Consolidated Theatres items available through uber eats include loco moco, the signature burger, hot dog and, of course, popcorn. Photo: Courtesy of Consolidated Theatres



Since Honolulu ordered everyone to stay at home, we’ve attempted to turn our living room into a movie theater multiple times. After all, every night can be a movie night when no one has school or a commute the next day. We turn down the lights and log on to one of our multiple streaming services. I even paid $20 to rent Trolls: World Tour for 48 hours, then made my family watch it three times to drive down the “price-per-viewing.” Since I have two kids, I’ve been able to replicate having to walk out during pivotal plot moments, bumping other viewers along the way, to help someone in the bathroom. But something was always missing.


The right kind of popcorn.


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Consolidated Theatres hears you. The movie houses have been closed since March 17 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A few weeks ago, Uber Eats began delivering concession fare from its Ka Makana Aliʻi and Mililani locations to homes from Kapolei, ʻEwa Beach and Wahiawā through Pearl City. (Take that townies!) Last week, the theaters began accepting takeout orders from the two locations for all fans. It’s not just the popcorn, although that staple is available in large ($6) or family sizes ($20); the latter being a giant bag that dwarfs the small bag of kakimochi that comes with it. You can also order more than a dozen items off the expanded menus available at Consolidated Theatres Mililani and ʻŌlino: the honey chicken sandwich; churro bites; honey furikake chicken bowl; loco moco; and the garlic, sea salt or green bean fries or a flight containing all three with dipping sauces. And if you really miss those $3 theater boxes of candy and $3 bottles of water, those are available too.


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Burger, green beans and salad.

Photo: Christi Young


All items have been discounted a dollar or more from the in-theater prices, which makes up for the delivery fee if you go with Uber Eats. We opted for takeout and called in an order a few hours before a weekend movie night. It took a few calls before someone answered at 4:30 p.m. but pick up was quick and the food was still hot when we arrived home, including the still crispy green bean fries. The Signature burger was tasty with carmelized onions, crunchy fried onions and cheddar cheese topping a beef patty enveloped in a soft brioche bun. The lettuce and green onions in the sesame chicken salad was fresh, the chicken well seasoned and the sesame dressing was light but flavorful. Both entrées came with a cookie.


Child standing next to a family size popcorn from Consolidated Theatres

Consolidated Theatres’ family-size popcorn was nearly as tall as my 4-year-old. Photo: Christi Young


Despite the menu photos, we were not prepared for the size of the family popcorn, which contains “seven large servings.” They weren’t kidding. We filled 12 lunch-size paper bags for ourselves and to hand out to neighbors and were still left with about a fifth of the bag, which we gifted, along with the container of popcorn butter, to my brother-in-law.


It’s another taste of normalcy in a time when everything is absolutely abnormal. And we’ll take it—with a little added salt and dipping sauce on the side.


Available on Uber Eats or for takeout from 11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. daily. Mililani: 95-1249 Meheula Parkway, Mililani, (808) 627-0200. Ka Makana Aliʻi: 91-5431, Kapolei Parkway, Suite 600, Kapolei, (808) 628-4835. consolidatedtheatres.com