Here’s What We Thought of Sun Noodle’s Momofuku Spicy Korean Ramen Kit

Did this DIY kit deliver a bowl worthy of David Chang’s Momofuku?


Let’s face it: Over the last 18 months we have seen a significant shift in the way we eat. Many of us are ordering or making increasingly bougie food at home, for example, and Sun Noodle, traditionally a purveyor of noodles for restaurants and hotels, is meeting us where we eat. In recent months it has come out with an increasing number of straight-to-consumer offerings, including limited-edition ramen kits featuring unique soup bases. The buzz for this is on the rise and I am here for the climb.


Sun Noodle Momofuku Ramen Kit Gregg Hoshida

Photo: Gregg Hoshida


The newest offering, the Momofuku x Sun Noodle Spicy Korean Ramen kit, is a collaboration with celebrity chef David Chang. Sun Noodle’s website says it will be sold until the end of the year at select Whole Foods Markets for $7.99, but a week ago none of the three O‘ahu Whole Foods had it, and when I called last night it was only available at the Kāhala and Kaka‘ako stores. “I wouldn’t wait,” a clerk at Kaka‘ako said. “I’m surprised we still have it. People have been calling—it’s been selling out.”


I feel lucky to purchase a box and take it home, eager to see if it can elevate my noodle game.


Nicely packaged with easy-to-follow directions, every box comes with two servings of noodles and sauce. I should note that this is a dry noodle dish, not noodles in broth. I open the sauce packet. A menacing crimson paste slowly flows out of the foil pouch, hints of garlic and gojuchang tickling my nose. Yep, this is definitely the flavor profile of a Momofuku concoction.


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Sun Noodle Momofuku Ramen Kit Contents Gregg Hoshida

Photo: Gregg Hoshida


The directions call for the noodles to be cooked for a precise two minutes. Because I like my noodles a little on the firmer side, I set my timer for 90 seconds and allow the carry-over heat to finish cooking the noodles in the bowl.


After thoroughly mixing the hot noodles with the sauce, I give it a quick taste. As expected, the sauce delivers an immediate kick. The noodles are spicy, garlicky and slightly savory, the start of a promising dish. I follow the last direction on the box—“Garnish with your favorite toppings”— and add chopped green onions, a fried egg, sesame seeds and a drizzle of sesame oil to finish.


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Sun Noodle Momofuku Ramen Gregg Hoshida

Photo: Gregg Hoshida


From the second bite on, I have very little recollection of anything as I demolish the dish. All that remain are a few streaks of sauce and random sesame seeds stuck to my chopsticks.


While this newest collaboration is not a complete meal in a bowl, it doesn’t take much effort to reward yourself with a close-to-restaurant-quality dish at home.


Available periodically at Whole Foods Markets on O‘ahu. Call to check availability before you go.