Hawai‘i’s Gyms Have Reopened So I Signed Up for Anytime Fitness in Kaka‘ako

Here’s what it was like working out at a fitness studio for the first time since lockdown lifted.


Hawaiis Gyms Have Reopened So I Signed Up For Anytime Fitness In Kakaako

I love gyms that can flex that they have so much room for activities! Photo: Katie Kenny


This is not a drill people: We have officially graduated from the Freshman 15 to the COVID-19 (too soon?) and I’m ready to join the work(out) force. Who knew that sitting around your apartment all day, ordering tasty takeout, having groceries delivered and cutting out your daily walk to the office would cause you to gain extra weight? While I have no regrets about anything I ordered and ate, I have been missing my 20-minute walk to and from the office plus easy access to my Downtown gym.


When gyms reopened and new rules were put in place, I sadly had to say goodbye to my regular gym due to its new limited hours and rigid reservation requirements.


Honolulu Gyms: anytime fitness

Watch TV or watch the world go by. Photo: Katie Kenny


But you know what? New normal, new me! Enter: Anytime Fitness on Queen Street in Kaka‘ako.


During quarantimes, a brand-new gym appeared in the V-shaped one-story building on the corner of Queen and Cooke streets. Not only was I intrigued by the accessibility from my home/office, I was equally excited about the fact that it is smack in the middle between Waikīkī Brewing Co. Kaka‘ako and Aloha Beer Co. (there is a rumor that you can get 10% off your bill at Aloha Beer if you show your Anytime Fitness key fob)—now I can earn those pau hana pints.


anytime fitness

Honestly felt like my own personal gym as it was just me and two friends. Photo: Katie Kenny


This gym is open 24 hours, offers every type of machine and equipment you could want—like heart rate monitors—includes group and personal training, will one day have meal plan recipes and café-style seating outside the large windows and has 4,700 locations all over the world that members can access (even in my neighborhood back home in Hong Kong!). On May 22 I signed up to take advantage of the current promotion of a $1 joining fee (still available when this was published). Sadly that also meant I had to wait around for Hawai‘i to reopen indoor fitness venues on June 19.


Once that day came, I stopped by around sunset on a particularly sweaty Saturday and gave the new place a try.


Here is everything you should know about the neighborhood’s newest gym and the current rules during this new temporary normal:


  • Masks are required. As of July 6 you must now wear a mask at all times while in the gym, except when using cardio machines (everyone spaces out on those machines so there is social distancing).
  • No reservations. Unlike a handful of other gyms on O‘ahu, Anytime Fitness doesn’t require you to book regular solo gym sessions ahead of time. You do need to sign up for classes led by in-house instructors though.




  • Keep it clean, people. I saw on Instagram that they were cleaning the gym pretty regularly but staff asks that each member wipe down equipment before and after use. I thought that was regular gym etiquette! Thankfully everyone I saw working out was following the rules—which is super easy since the team has placed cleaning supplies all over the gym.
  • Give me some space. No surprise here but you should give other gymgoers 6 feet of space. It’s safer, and weird to be so close to a stranger at a gym.

anytime fitness

Stay in your lane. Photo: Katie Kenny


  • No travelers. Don’t go moving equipment from one side of the gym to the other. Keep it in its designated area and don’t hog anything. We need to make room for other members since we are spreading out more (and taking up more room). So don’t just hang about: Get in, work off those pints and pizza, then get out.
  • The Mask. Anytime Fitness asks that gymgoers wear a mask while working out but don’t require it. I get it–it can be hard to breathe with a mask on—but I would rather go when there aren’t more than two other people working out at the same time (more space to breathe).
  • Netflix and drill. This gym has some pretty tech-y cardio machines from Life Fitness, which not only track your calories, heartrate and goals but also offer workout plans while you’re training (you can pick terrains, military fitness tests and more). I’m not too concerned with becoming Army ready but I do like the bluetooth connectivity so I can watch Netflix while I run instead of jogging outside in the sun and heat.


anytime fitness

Photo: Katie Kenny


  • Keeping track. All members get a little fob to enter the building. It tracks your visits and acts as your login for the free Anytime Fitness app. You can hook it up to your wearable tech and I’m pretty sure you can send your logged workouts from the snazzy cardio machines and their free body scan info to the free app.
  • Did I mention I love food? I was told during my sign-up meet-and-greet with the Kaka‘ako manager, Ian, that there will be a healthy food truck parked in front of the gym. This will be part of its meal planning services in partnership with an as-yet-unnamed local eatery to help out. That’s where the outdoor café seating with Wi-Fi comes into use. When I know more, you’ll know more.
  • Free parking! So far I’ve only come across fellow walkers but there are a fair number of spaces for cars and bikes.


The gym launched group sessions on June 29 so stay tuned to see when our Open For Fitness bloggers check them out!


There are four monthly packages available at the Anytime Fitness Kaka‘ako location ranging from $64.99 for a basic membership to $159.99 for the platinum. All four memberships include 24 hour access, seven days a week, access to all 5,000 locations worldwide, one complimentary fitness consultation and body scan, discounts at its on-site food truck, meal prepping services and access to free workouts via the app. Once you go above the basic membership you can get free group workout sessions, a Myzone heart rate monitor and app, and personalized workouts created for you by a trainer. 


747 Queen St., (808) 744-5300, afkakaakohawaii.com