Hawaii: In Real Life ~ Whole Foods Kailua

Whole Foods Kailua got a jump start on the holidays earlier this week with a tasting tour of their store, showcasing items that people may want to serve at their next party. This was the first time for me (and some people on the Nonstop team) to set foot in the Windward hotspot, so we made it a group outing to get a range of perspectives.

The Whole Foods staff served up a variety of samples, from candy and tea to ham, turkey, and all the fixings — things that might make it easy for a host/hostess to grab and go for a table-ready meal, or wholesome ingredients that a more seasoned home cook can use. Note that you can order a complete Thanksgiving meal package ahead of time, either in-store or online. I was really impressed that they factored in the needs of people with allergies when they created their samples, too: Although most items are for the mainstream diner, you can find delicious alternatives for those who are allergic to dairy, gluten, shellfish, and nuts.

Dabney Gough, the Whole Foods Kailua marketing supervisor, took us on the tour and introduced us to some of the staff from the various departments. Some of our tasters included Ed Morita (@Nctrnlbst), Jerome Koehler (@JeromeKoehler), his girlfriend Shiori Abe (@ShioriArt), and a cameo by Martha Cheng (@MarthaCheng). Mari Taketa (@NonstopMari) didn’t want to be on camera, which is why you see only her hand in segments where she’s interviewing me.

The sampling isn’t limited to just this video; both the Kailua and Kahala Whole Foods stores offer a variety of samples and ideas almost every day (but usually on weekends) to give you ideas on incorporating healthy and local options into your life. Dabney also showed us around the store to show what makes the Kailua location so unique, including the local art and the sustainability in construction, which is another great reason to check them out. Visit HawaiiIRL.com to see more!

p.s. Here’s an extra video of our wine tasting in the store: