Grass Jelly Bowls at Timi House

A new milk tea shop opening? Hardly news. But Timi House, which opened downtown a few months ago, is the first to introduce one of Taiwan's latest trends: grass jelly bowls.

In Taiwan, there are entire cafes devoted to grass jelly, just as there are to pearl milk teas (another Taiwanese invention). Grass jelly is exactly as it sounds—it's made by boiling a plant relative of mint and cooling the liquid until it resembles Jell-O. It's thought to have cooling properties, perfect for our current muggy heat.

Timi House's grass jelly bowl ($4.75) is like pearl milk tea meets the entire froyo topping bar. Generous scoops of grass jelly (it doesn't have a whole lot of flavor, but I like its slippery texture) swim in a sea of milk tea, along with other goodies including boba, salted peanuts, red bean, mung bean, popping balls that taste of mango and lychee, and other things that I've lost track of/have no clue what they are. It's a delightful bowl of adventure.

Timi House, 82 S. Hotel St., 521-7888