Google Doodle pays homage

Have you Googled anything today? Chances are, you have. If not, you should.

The search engine giant swapped its standard rainbow-colored logo for an interactive tribute to Les Paul, pioneer of the solid-body electric guitar and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee. More than just a tribute, Google’s interactive Les Paul-inspired Doodle allows you to play guitar cords and even record your own tune.

While I’m sure we’ll uncover the technology behind today’s Doodle, it’s one of my favorites since the Pac Man Doodle. Here’s my shot at some home-brewed rock and roll:

Your turn! Record your very own Les Paul Doodle tune and post it up in the comments. Based on votes, the best tune will win a $10 Groupon gift card!

* Les Paul photo courtesy Thomas Faivre-Duboz via Wikipedia.