Gifts for ‘Hawaii Five-0’ fans

The San Diego Union-Tribune wrote a story about Christmas gifts for the die-hard TV fans.

For fans of CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0,” the newspaper suggested the following:

• Steal your giftee’s iPod and download Hawaii Magazine’s eight most romantic songs from the Aloha State, or head over to Kona Coffee for a special bag of sought-after extra fancy or peaberry beans grown on the Big Island’s Kona Coast.

• Pick up a faux coconut cup and fill it with the coconut-flavored M&Ms released last winter. Or whip up some brandied pineapples, bananas and other tropical fruit in real coconuts — Group Recipes shows you how — for a homemade touch.

• For the uber-fan of the original or the remake, buy a decent replica of the Five-0 badge at Collectible Badges or the complete first season of the original series.

I wondered if we — the folks who live here and the twee-kers who love the show — could come up with a better list for “Five-0” fans.

Here’s my list to start:

• Show your school spirit with a Kukui High School T-shirt
• The tackiest Aloha shirt you can find (like from Chin Ho Kelly’s wardrobe in tonight’s episode)
• A Hawaiian dictionary. Maybe then they could translate what Chin Ho and his “cuz” Kono Kalakaua are saying to each other.
• Better yet, “Peppo’s Pidgin to Da Max” by Douglas Simonson, Pat Sasaki, and Ken Sakata or “Da Kine Dictionary” by Lee Tonouchi

Got any others?




TODAY’S GIFT IDEA: Naughty/Nice charm from Tiffany & Co.

Tickets to “Cats”

Picture 1 of 19

PRICE: $35 to $60 each

THE GIST: The longest running show in Broadway history, “Cats” returns to Hawaii with all of its feline fantastic-ness. Shows run from Dec. 28 to Jan. 2 — and tickets are still available online at

THE ADDED BONUS: You can print out tickets from your computer and, viola, instant gift!

BEST FOR: Broadway fanatics, cat lovers and anyone on your list for whom you haven’t shopping.

Got a gift idea? Send ’em my way at


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