FUUD: Sorabol the best Korean eats?


I love Korean food.

You name it, I’ll probably eat it.

And it’s not because I watch Korean dramas. (I don’t.) And it’s not because I love spicy foods. (I do, but my stomach doesn’t.)

It’s the big, robust, no-shame flavors of this cuisine that make it one of my favorites.

So I’m always looking for the restaurant that’s going to serve me the best.

I’ve asked my friends — virtual and real-life ones — what Korean restaurants rank in their Top 3. Consistently, Sorabol Korean Restaurant on Keeaumoku Street make the list. Sometimes at the top, sometimes rounding out the three.

The thing is — and I can already hear the hush of shock — I have never been there. Never. I’ve wanted to — and I’ve been asked to go, especially by my girlfriend, Luana, who can’t seem to live without Korean food — but I just never went. Mostly because I have hole-in-the-wall mainstays that I’m loyal to. And mostly because I didn’t buy the hype.

So the other day, I caved. (Well, and I was craving meat juhn.) So I went.

Here’s what our recent visit looked like:

Inside Sorabol

Picture 1 of 10

Ask anyone who loves Korean food and they’ll like say they’ve been to Sorabol Korean Restaurant. It’s an upscale, sit-down restaurant compared to the take-out places I usually frequent. Lots of space and elbow room. That was nice.

Agree? Or got a better Korean place for me to try? Post your favorites here. I’m all ears!

Sorabol Korean Restaurant,, 805 Keeaumoku St. Phone: 808-947-3113.

805 Keeaumoku St
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 947-3113


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