FUUD: Hot Pot Heaven in McCully

Winter in Hawaii can only mean one thing: dinner in a hot pot.

And that’s exactly what I had been craving for a few days.

Good thing my pal — former Advertiser staffer — wanted to grab food at McCully Shopping Center, which is near his new workplace.

The first place that came to mind was Hot Pot Heaven, a shabu shabu-style restaurant that opened in the strip mall this year.

The concept is the same at other trendy hot-pot spot — think Sweet Home Cafe or Bangkok Shabu Shabu — where you can pick from a variety of flavored broths and dozens of fixings such as vegetables and meats.

The base of most of the broths, however, is chicken, which is slow-cooked daily to pull maximum flavor from the bones and meat. And all of the dipping sauces are homemade.

It’s a great place to take out-of-town guests or a bunch of friends. The food is good, the prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is causal and laid-back.

Here’s what we ate:

Hot Pot Heaven

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Opened this summer, Hot Pot Heaven joins a slew of trendy hot-pot places on Oahu, including Bangkok Shabu Shabu and Sweet Home Cafe. People must love the concept.

Hot Pot Heaven, McCully Shopping Center. Hours: 11 a.m.-2 p.m. and 5-11 p.m. Monday through Sunday; open until midnight Friday and Saturday. Phone: 808-941-1115.




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Tickets to “Cats”

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PRICE: $35 to $60 each

THE GIST: The longest running show in Broadway history, “Cats” returns to Hawaii with all of its feline fantastic-ness. Shows run from Dec. 28 to Jan. 2 — and tickets are still available online at www.ticketmaster.com.

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BEST FOR: Broadway fanatics, cat lovers and anyone on your list for whom you haven’t shopping.

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