Fourth annual Worldwide Photowalk

I don’t consider myself a pro behind the camera, but I’m sufficient. So when my friend Brady Oshiro, who’s an excellent professional photographer, told me about Worldwide Photowalk, I decided to go along. The international event started as a social gathering, but has since grown into a charitable movement, helping Springs of Hope, an orphanage in Kenya.

The fourth annual Worldwide Photowalk was held this past weekend (Oct. 1-2), giving photographers a chance to network and learn from each other, and also to find inspiration in their surroundings. Across the globe, there were 1,117 Photowalks with 28,112 participants.

Here in Honolulu, some 50 photographers met downtown for the first day of Photowalk, which was led by Bob Hayes, a consultant by day and professional photographer on the side. Kyle Nishioka led the second walk at Makapuu. Hayes says Photowalk has caught on because it gives photographers a chance to share industry insights and have fun.

With its character, colors and culture, Chinatown was the perfect place to wander. Overall, I loved participating in the event and being around people with similar passions. It also helped me remember why I’m so lucky to be here in Hawaii.

Here are some shots I took:

4th Annual Worldwide Photowalk

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During Photowalk, I tried to capture the culture that makes Chinatown so unique. But at the same time, I also wanted to capture candid moments of Hawaii-based photographers enjoying each other’s company and expertise.


Here is link to photos and  video summarizing the event from my friend, Brady Oshiro, here.


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