Foursquare Day in Honolulu

April 16 is “Foursquare Day” (four squared is 16, so 4/16), and all around the world, fans of the social geolocation service came together to celebrate their addiction. In Honolulu, members of the Nonstop crew joined other Foursquare users at Yogurstory, a “super cute new restaurant with a weird name.”

After making sure we checked in to Yogurstory on Foursquare, we set about diving into some delicious eats (the prime rib loco moco was a clear favorite), and talking about everything from the latest cool apps to classic TV to technology in education.

The local Foursquare crew was joined by several visiting geeks, including Mike Prasad, his brother Chris, and Angela Maiers.

Of course, we made sure to capture the event with the Color app, creating a group photo gallery on the fly:

Foursquare Day Color Gallery

And here are a few more photos from the meetup!

Foursquare Day

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The Foursquare Day meetup in Honolulu at Yogurstory.