Food trends in 2012

Last night I was reading the blog for the James Beard Foundation — a New York-based national professional nonprofit that serves to promote the culinary arts — and read its predictions for 2012.

Here’s what it suspects will be trending next year:

Locavorism, redefined: We’re talking recipe revival, with foragers and historians retrieving recipes from the past.

Donuts, donuts, donuts: Apparently, donut-related content online is up, indicating our fascination with these sugary wonders. In fact, malasadas made its list.

Thai revival: This cuisine — one of my favorites — is expected to make a big comeback.

Nordic menus: I have no idea what Nordic cuisine is — ingredients include sea buckthorn, wood sorrel, bark flour — but restaurants may start featuring it.

Caneles are the new cupcakes: Yes, cupcakes are on the way out, according to the blog. In fact, macaroons made a quick appearance and are now replaced by these treats from Bordeaux. Caneles are made from an egg-yolk-enriched crêpe-like batter that’s baked in copper molds lined with caramel and beeswax.

Eat-in kitchen: You’ll be pulling up a chair next to the stove.

Blood: Blame it on “Twilight.” The next step in the snout-to-tail movement might just be the blood. Blood pancakes, blood cups, sauces thickened with blood.

Smaller portion sizes: Mega meals are so 2011. Fine-dining portions are continuing to get smaller and tapas might become the new entree.

Got any thoughts on this?