First Look: Seed Restaurant in Kaimuki

Part of Seed's dining room

Seed, which opened at the end of February, is a restaurant on a mission … specifically, Bluewater Mission, a nondenominational church. The focus is on healthy food—salads, such as one named "Exotic Biotic"; brown rice cooked with chia seeds and quinoa; and entrees that include a veggie stir fry, baked katsu chicken, and a fresh catch of the day. There's even a flight of juices and someone to suggest fresh-pressed juice pairings.

Flight of juices, from left to right: carrot, apple, beet and berry

The other focus is on justice, at least how Bluewater Mission sees it. There's a note on the back of the menu: "Our business is an expression of justice. Seed is staffed by survivors of homelessness, human trafficking, domestic abuse and other unique challenges … Justice works. Enjoy the food."

The church started five years ago and runs community houses to shelter "people coming out of rough situations," says Jordan Seng of Bluewater Mission. "But we kept running into the same roadblock. We could change their lives in a number of different ways, but there were no employment opportunities. So we decided to start our own business." And that was the germination of Seed. 

Two of the dishes include the Paniolo Chili (can you still call it a paniolo chili if it's meatless?) and baked chicken katsu

Entrees and salads under $15

1137 11th Ave., 732-1137,