First Look: Paradise Seafood Market and Restaurant

Get super fresh seafood at this spot on Ke‘eaumoku street.
Photo: Kawehi Haug

On Ke‘eaumoku Street, there seems to be an unending shuffling of food spots. Places close and reopen and then close again. And then reopen. It’s a constant cycle that, for the most part, is tough to keep tabs on. So after Fat Boy’s closed, it took a few trips to K-Town for us to even notice that the old plate-lunch place had been taken over by a new seafood place, this one called Paradise Seafood Market and Restaurant. Seafood on Ke‘eaumoku? What’s so new about that? Exactly. There’s lobster kings and kicking crabs and more Korean restaurants than you can shake your kim chee at—and all of them make good seafood dishes.


So why try Paradise? Here’s why: If you like your seafood super fresh (and by super fresh, we mean still moving, and by still moving, we mean still moving) and you’re ono for something more than just poke or spicy ‘ahi, we suggest getting the large sashimi platter from Paradise Seafood.


The platter comes with … sashimi everything: salmon, ‘ahi, halibut, black snapper and any additional fresh catch for the day, as well as live lobster and abalone and a seriously sizable portion of uni. Sure, we know the slimy, squishy, squirmy delicacies aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. But there’s no question that this is a great place to get great raw seafood for reasonable prices. Sashimi platters start at $45, and even the large platter, $100, is super affordable without being a bargain, if you get our drift. Because the words “bargain” and “raw seafood” should never appear together in the same sentence.


The large platter easily feeds four people, and, if you can’t finish it there (we tapped out just short of finishing the raw lobster), they’ll pack it up and throw an ice pack into your takeout bag to keep the catch as fresh as possible for the ride home. Paradise is also a fresh fish and seafood market, with a full-service takeout counter, and serves lunch and dinner plates, as well as steamed seafood platters (think crab boil) if you like your seafood more on the cooked side.


Paradise Seafood Market and Restaurant, 919 Ke‘eaumoku St., sashimi platters, steamed seafood combos $50–$85, plate lunch and poke bowls from $12, 941-6080.