First Friday in NYC

New York has been dubbed the city that never sleeps. So the city’s nonstop nightlife did not surprise me; it only reached my expectations and then some. For more than three consecutive nights in a row, my bed and I were reacquainted at 5:30 in the morning.

Along with an amazing nightlife scene, New York has residents that make the city even more interesting. When I touched down at JFK Airport; I met R&B artist and producer Ryan Leslie! I even went to the Ace Hotel, and Questo of The Roots was the guest DJ. New Yorkers may have a reputation for being mean and cutthroat, but during my two trips to New York, I met the coolest cats ever.

My first Friday started off in Soho. NYC truly started my weekend on a bang with great food, great music, and great company in this great city.

Here’s how my weekend started in New York:


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The Meatball Shop in Soho.