Finding Honolulu’s Helpers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Children’s TV icon Fred Rogers liked to quote his mother’s advice for facing stressful times. When he saw scary things on the news, she would say: “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are witnessing grief, loss, stress and strain but also seeing everyday heroes who inspire others through these tough times. Our Honolulu helpers.


Chef Daniel Swift and retired professor Jacquie Maly

Helping provide free meals for hungry students


03 21 Helpers Chefswift

Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino




Supermarket cashier Lee Ann Verano

Staying resilient on the food front line


03 21 Helpers Leeann

Photo: Anthony Consillio




State District Court Judge William Domingo

Building safety barriers for courts


03 21 Helpers Judge

Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino




Josie Howard, advocate for Pacific Islanders

Reaching a community in crisis


03 21 Helpers Josie

Photo: Anthony Consillio




Cheryl Fallon, intensive care nurse manager

Leading front-line staff caring for critically ill patients


03 21 Helpers Cherylfallon

Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino