Find Ube and Mango Mochi Malassadas at Dukes Lane Market & Eatery

These new items in Waikīkī are fried fresh and delightfully chewy.
Box of mochi malassadas

Photo: Kelli Shiroma Braiotta


Recently debuted at Dukes Lane Market & Eatery: mochi malassadas. Fresh, delightfully chewy and coated with sugar, those mochi malassadas have been on my mind ever since a media tasting.


When you walk into Dukes Lane Market, you’ll see them on your left at Spitfire Rotisserie & Flatbread next to the bakery. They’re in the display case next to the regular malassadas but you order the mochi malassadas at Spitfire.


Freshly made mochi malassadas come in original (plain), ube and mango flavors and cost $1.49 each. The flavors are in the dough; these have no fillings. In pre-packaged bags you’ll find Oreo and matcha mochi malassadas at three for $4.50.


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Dukes Lane mochi malassadas are smaller than regular malassadas, which is dangerous because you tend to eat more. They’re also chewier, spongier and doughier on the inside, thanks to the mochi rice flour.


If you’re a malassada purist, get the original. This one is just straight up coated in plain sugar, so that chewy interior really shines. The ube malassada is distinctively purple from the ube extract in the dough, though the ube flavor is subtle. This mochi malassada’s exterior is also sprinkled with ube powder. Mango ends up being my favorite: Made with mango puree, it’s slightly sweeter than the others.


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The bakery opens at 6:30 a.m. and regular and mochi malassadas usually sell out by 3 p.m. so go early. All three mochi malassada flavors are available daily. For mochi donuts and special regular malassada flavors, check out the bakery’s pastry schedule.


I think I just found my go-to dessert for my next socially distanced potluck with less than 10 people.


Open daily 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Spitfire Rotisserie & Flatbread (inside Dukes Lane Market & Eatery), 2255 Kūhiō Ave., (808) 923-5692, Validated parking at Hyatt Centric (same building) with purchase of $10 or more at Dukes Lane.