Fat Kid Friday: Pocho wraps and Emochi balls


Fat Kid Friday is a video series spotlighting exuberant dishes across Oahu. Crazy, ginormous or over-the-top luxe, these are the broke-the-mouth dishes we push across the table and tell our friends, “Try this. TRY IT.”

IMG_2722We didn’t know what to expect from a place called Da Hub on Middle Street. It sort of sounds like the center of the universe, but it’s in Kalihi. A part of Kalihi with a lot of auto body shops and bars on windows.

But they have peanut butter poke (yes, with raw fish). They have Egyptian poke with Sriracha and sweet chili sauce that has nothing to do with Egypt except the lady who thought of the combo came from Egypt. They even have pork belly stuffed inside deep-fried balls of guava mochi.

In other words, Da Hub is all kinds of crazy. So when we heard about pocho wraps and emochimochi, we had no choice but to try.

– Concept and title by Brandon Lee
– Video by Sho Niimura

Da Hub
1328 Middle St.