Europe Tour: Switzerland

After Paris, we wandered off to Switzerland, a country known for its stunning mountains. I loved that Switzerland was so clean, and I saw more shoreline and greenery than any other country during my European visit.

Even though I adore big cities, I loved having some peace and quiet, and our hotel made our stay a lot more relaxing since it was located deep in Mt. Rigi. After we got off a train up the mountain, we literally had to walk about 15 minutes on a gravel path to get to our family-run hotel. But the hotel was absolutely amazing. All of the meals we had there were made from the land and animals that surrounded us.

Switzerland is known for its watches, chocolate and knives. But we were there during the weekend, and the only shops that were open were ones that catered to tourists. It was probably for the best, because Switzerland is very expensive. While most of Europe works on Euros, they use Swiss Francs, and the exchange rate wasn’t favorable to the U.S. dollar.

I wouldn’t mind going back to snowboard across the Swiss Alps, but it would cost me a pretty penny. I wonder if the fact that people can anonymously open bank accounts in Switzerland allows it to flourish. Makes you think doesn’t it?

Europe: Switzerland

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Arrived at the Swiss Alps train/port station in Vitznau.

Next up: We return to France.