Europe Tour: Paris

After London, I ventured off to Europe’s City of Love, Paris. The journey to get to Paris was quite interesting. My cousin, her boyfriend and I had to ride a bus from London to Dover. Then when we arrived in Dover, we had to get to Paris by boat.

Paris has so much life and culture. It was just amazing. Growing up, I always wanted to see the Mona Lisa and Eiffel Tower, so it felt like a dream standing in front of both. But drivers in the city are insane. They’re so aggressive, but at the same time, pedestrians aren’t always mindful of where they cross streets. Despite the craziness on the road, we decided to take a bike tour around Paris. I don’t remember the last time I rode a bike, so I was a bit rusty getting on my two-wheeler. But I seriously felt like I was in a movie.

I didn’t take that many photos of food. I was too busy feeding my face with both hands to keep one on my camera. Overall, the crepes were magnifique, and so was the shopping. I went to the Louis Vuitton store at Champs-Elyses, and the travel bag I wanted was $400 cheaper than back home. A tip for all you luxury shoppers: I knew that buying luxury items in Europe would be cheaper, but I still scoped out the stores prior to my trip to give me perspective of how much I would be saving.

There were just so many things to see, but so little time. I’m going back for sure.

Europe: Paris

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Here’s what we ate on our boat trip from London to Dover. I didn’t know European people loved french fries so much.